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Full body workout plans are a great way to exercise because they are efficient and effective. If you do them right they remove anything unnecessary and work for almost anyone. People of all fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes, have found success with these plans. In this article, we’ll explain what makes full body workouts so amazing and share our own workout program that can help you make some serious gains.


Before starting your training, it’s important to choose a workout plan that fits your lifestyle and goals. There are several good options, such as PPL (push, pull, legs) or upper/lower split. The name of the plan tells you how you will divide your workout. For example, a full-body workout plan means you’ll work all major muscle groups during each training session.

Full Body Workout


Saves Time:

The best thing about exercising your entire body in one go is that you will not need to go to the gym again and again. You can get away with going just two to three times a week. And the good news is that each session will only take an hour. So, you can build muscles and stay fit with just 3-4 hours of gym time throughout the week. It’s not about spending a lot of time in the gym; It’s all about making your gym sessions really effective.

Boosts your cardiovascular system:

When you do 2-4 sets of exercises for each body part in a 60-minute workout, it’s not just about building muscle; It also gives your cardiovascular system a good workout. It helps improve your heart and lung health very fast!

Full Body Workout


1. Training every 2-3 days:

This means you don’t need to work out with weights every day. Instead, you can take a day or two off in between workouts. On those days off, you can do some cardio exercises without feeling tired from a heavy lifting session.

2. Lift Heavy Weights:

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights when you’re working out. Some people go easy on themselves to save energy for later exercises, but lifting heavy is essential if you want to make the best progress. It’s all about pushing your limits.

3. Focus on one exercise per muscle group:

Keep things simple. You don’t need to do multiple exercises for the same muscle group. For example, for your chest, you can resort to exercises like bench press or incline bench press. For your back, try bent-over rows or chin-ups. And for your legs, squats are hard to beat. Doing 2 to 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise is a good approach.

4. Keep your workout under an hour:

Your workout should not drag on for too long. Aim to keep them for about 60 minutes or less. This is because long workouts can increase a hormone called cortisol, which can break down muscles. Therefore, it is best to keep your sessions intense, but not too long.

5. Take a post-workout shake:

After your workout, it is important to take a post-workout shake. When you exercise, your body uses a lot of energy, and this shake helps replenish the fuel your muscles need to recover and grow. Think of it as refilling your gas tank after a long drive.

6. Change the order of your workouts:

Don’t always start with the same body part in every workout. mix it up. Sometimes start with chest exercises, sometimes with back exercises and then with leg exercises. This helps ensure that all of your major muscle groups get equal attention. And remember, don’t skip abdominal or calf exercises forever; Change the order from time to time.

These tips will make your full body workout more effective and efficient.

Full Body Workout


Creating a full body workout plan is very simple. The idea is to incorporate exercises that cover a variety of movements throughout your body. Here’s what you need to include:

  1. Squat: An exercise that works your legs and core.
  2. Hip-Hinge: This focuses on your lower back and hamstrings.
  3. Lunge: Great for your legs and glutes.
  4. Vertical Pushing: Exercises like overhead presses for your shoulders and upper chest.
  5. Horizontal Pushing: Think push-ups or bench presses for your chest and triceps.
  6. Vertical Pulling: Pull-ups or lat pulldowns to target your back and biceps.
  7. Horizontal Pull: Rows or similar movements to work your back and biceps, too.

Once you’ve covered these key movements, you can add some isolation exercises, but don’t overdo it, especially if you’re a beginner. One isolated exercise per muscle group is sufficient.

Even though you’ll be working all of your muscle groups every day, you can still be smart about it. You don’t have to do all the major exercises at once. More focus can be placed on specific muscle groups each day. We’ll also mix strength and muscle-building (hypertrophy) exercises. However, accessory and hypertrophy activities will target the same muscle groups. Since you’re only working out three days a week, you’ll want to do a little more exercise each session to make sure you’re getting a good workout. But for shorter exercises, you may only need to do two sets of high repetitions to balance things out.

So, this is a plan worth following!

Full Body Workout


Session 1:

Squat4 sets6 reps
Bent Over Row5 sets5 reps
Romanian Deadlift3 sets10 reps
Dips3 sets2 RIR
Lateral Raise2 sets12-15 reps
Face Pull2 sets12-15 reps
Rope High Pull2 sets12-15 reps

Session 2:

Bench Press5 sets5 reps
Chin Ups (weighted if needed)4 sets6 reps
Leg Press3 sets8 reps
Seated DB Overhead Press3 sets8-10 reps
Walking Lunges1-3 sets100 steps (50/leg)
Leg Extension2 sets12-15 reps
Leg Curl2 sets12-15 reps
Calf Raise2 sets12-15 reps

Session 3:

Deadlift5 sets5 reps
Military Press4 sets6 reps
Shoulder Row3 sets8 reps
Hip Thrust3 sets8 reps
Skull Crusher3 sets8-10 reps
Barbell Curl3 sets8-10 reps
Rope Extension2 sets12-15 reps
Preacher Curl2 sets12-15 reps

Full Body Workout


“Hey! You might think that on your so-called ‘rest’ days, you don’t need to do anything. But that’s not exactly true. These days are actually a great opportunity to tackle things you’ve been putting off. It could be working on your flexibility, doing some cardio at the end, or even doing some core exercises at home. Except for one day, when you can go to the beach and really Don’t waste this time just resting if you can. But for the other three, get up and move! Staying active on your rest days will make your fitness progress even better.”

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