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Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement – Review (2024)

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Are you interested in getting started with Planet Fitness? If so, you’re in the perfect spot! In this blog post I will help you feel comfortable and confident as you begin your fitness journey.

In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about it, from what it is to how to get started. I will also share some tips for beginners on how to get the most out of your Planet Fitness experience.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re just looking for a refresher, read on for everything you need to know about Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement and other interesting topics!

1. Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine, sometimes called the “Beauty Angel RVT 30,” is essentially a booth that combines a vibration plate and red light therapy bulbs—which are non-UV and non-damaging—to somehow miraculously improve you. What benefit is that meant to provide you? Well, my google search yielded the following possible advantages from unreliable, non-scientific sources:

Possible Advantages Of The Complete Body Enhancement Device:

  1. Increases your energy before an exercise by stimulating the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
  2. Increases skin suppleness and minimizes wrinkles and stretchmarks by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
  3. Reduces cellulite (you may want to prepare for this one). makes microscopic holes in your fat cells to Release the fat, allowing your body to burn off the fat more easily (??)
  4. Increases the amount of blood flowing to the muscles, which helps with pre-workout warming up.
  5. Helps to lessen joint and muscular inflammation

Since I Started Using The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement 45 Days Ago:

My Skin Feels Better.

Less like an old hag when I unintentionally catch sight of myself in the mirror, and maybe even smoother and slightly tighter. The last forty-five days have seen no changes to my usual skin care routine, which is, let me say this, pretty much nothing at all. Five hundred and fifty days ago, however, I also gave up drinking alcohol, increased my water intake, and began eating better. Did your grandmother ever advise you to drink more water since it’s healthy for your skin when you were younger? ELIZABETH WAS RIGHT.

I’ve dropped a couple of lbs.

Apart from adopting the nutritious eating habits mentioned before, I have also taken a break from long-distance jogging for a while. I returned full force to intense, regular strength training instead. Awkwardly, I’ve also started doing yoga. My own tendency is to lose weight whenever I change my attention from athletics. With less stress, my body is responding well, and it needed a vacation from the repulsive amount of mileage I had been asking of it lately. Moreover, lifting large weights tends to burn a lot more calories (three cheers for increased oxygen intake after exercise!). Add to that a more nutritious diet? Reduced weight.

I now have more muscle mass and less body fat.

Specifically, 3% body fat. However, please refer to the above. Drink plenty of water, focus on gaining lean muscle mass, and follow a nutritious diet. I’ll tell you this again, ladies and gentlemen: lift heavy weights for the love of all things if you want to reduce body fat and improve muscle mass. It’s not going to happen, ladies. You will not gain weight, I swear. Because our bodies do not produce enough testosterone, you need it to do that.

I feel happy after receiving red light therapy.

I am at a loss for words in this situation. I used to go to tanning beds back when I was stupid and younger. While it may not happen often, we are all aware of the potential harm posed by UV radiation. My disposition and my skin would always be radiant when I got out of the tanning bed. I felt so joyful, really, the way the light and warmth felt. In contrast to the harmful UV rays, I experience comparable side effects with the Total Body Enhancement. This gloomy, chilly winter has been made much more bearable by the last twelve minutes of happiness.

What Has Not Changed, or What I Have Not Noticed Changed Thus Far:

  1. A reduction in the terrible wrinkles surrounding my eyes
  2. A reduction in the appearance of stretch marks
  3. Reduced swelling in the muscles and joints
  4. My squat PR has increased.
  5. My mile time dropped
planet fitness total body enhancement

2. Planet Fitness Day Pass

You can register on Planet Fitness’ website to receive a complimentary day pass. If you receive invitations from a Black Card member via the Planet Fitness app, you can also receive complimentary guest passes.

I also asked for a free day pass to try out the local Planet Fitness when I strolled in for a tour. I was given the opportunity to test it out and even experience the Black Card perks, such the complimentary massages in the chairs.

Beyond that, you should use your free Planet Fitness day pass in accordance with some best practices. If you’re new to Planet Fitness, make sure to read our team member’s whole review of the company.

How long is Planet Fitness’s free day pass valid for?

The Planet Fitness free day pass is valid for one use per ninety days, but it is only valid for one day.

That being said, you are welcome to accompany a friend who has a PF Black card as often as you would like.

Free Day Pass Policies for Planet Fitness

The only prerequisite to obtaining a complimentary trial day pass from Planet Fitness is proximity to the facility. A free trial permit is valid for use every ninety days.

Register on the Planet Fitness website in advance of visiting the gym to receive your complimentary trial pass. Don’t forget to pack appropriate training clothes and identification.

Remember that you must first take a tour of the facility before beginning your workout, so arrive early enough to allow time for both.

planet fitness total body enhancement

3. Planet Fitness Free Summer

Teenagers in New York City between the ages of 14 and 19 can work out for free at Planet Fitness locations throughout the five boroughs from now until August 31 by registering for a free High School Planet Fitness Free Summer Pass seasonal membership!

Teens can work out and concentrate on their physical and emotional welfare all summer long at Planet Fitness locations throughout the city, thanks to the Summer Pass.

Chancellor David Banks stated earlier this season, “Even though the school year is over, it is still crucial for our youth to prioritize their wellbeing and participate in healthy and enriching activities.” Banks was speaking of the Summer Pass program. “I’m excited that Planet Fitness is giving teenagers in the City this chance once more, and I urge every student to get outside and be active this summer.”

It’s simple to sign up for the program; go to to get started! Under-18s must register online or in-club with a parent or legal guardian. All Summer Pass holders will receive free exercises via the Planet Fitness app and free fitness instruction from experienced trainers at the club in addition to the complimentary summer memberships!

The top 10 schools with the most Summer Pass signups on Planet Fitness’ leaderboards this season will each receive a $10,000 grant that can be used toward new athletic equipment, field renovations, classrooms, courses, and more. Plus, signing up for a High School Summer Pass can help you and your school win a few bucks. Additionally, owners of Summer Passes are eligible to take part in a TikTok video contest hosted by Planet Fitness, where ten fortunate students will each earn a $10,000 scholarship for their submissions!

Visit Planet Fitness’ official Summer Pass webpage to find out more about the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass program. You can enroll in the program there as well, but keep in mind that minors under the age of eighteen must register for the Pass online or in person at a Planet Fitness facility with a parent or legal guardian.

We at the DOE hope that every teen involved has a safe and healthy summer!

how to cancel planet fitness membership

4. Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness offers excellent calorie burning and tanning opportunities. It implies that users can utilize tanning beds in the same building immediately following a workout. You can spend less time than you would in the sun’s rays, in addition to achieving an even golden skin tone.

What other advantages does this kind of tanning have? Together with the sorts of tanning beds, dos and don’ts, and the ideal attire for the session, let’s learn more about this.

How Do They Get Tan at Planet Fitness?

The Planet Fitness session operates on the same premise as the tanning beds seen in beauty salons. Depending on the kind of solarium and your current tan, you select your cubicle and spend a specific amount of time in it.

This is where the light hits you on the epidermis, darkening the pigment and causing a tan to form. It would seem just like you would normally when you sunbathe. Nonetheless, the process is simplified because it requires significantly less time for a single visit.

Advice For Tanning at Planet Fitness

Here are some pointers from Planet Fitness to help you achieve the tan you want. Make use of these to protect yourself and achieve your goals:

  1. Verify that utilizing the tanning bed is not contraindicated for you.
  2. Before entering a solarium, especially after working out, take a shower;
  3. To figure out how long to spend in the tanning booth, consider how you feel when tanning;
  4. To prevent your skin from burning if you become overly relaxed, set a timer for six to seven minutes.
  5. In order to achieve an even tan and to ensure that nothing causes you discomfort, remember to remove all jewelry, shoes, and clothing;
  6. After your session, moisturize your skin to prevent excessive dryness;
  7. To prevent damage, put on special glasses that block out the beams of light.

It’s crucial to know that using tanning beds shouldn’t be done if you have conditions like cancer, melanoma, skin pigmentation, cardiovascular issues, or an excessive amount of moles. Additionally discouraged from utilizing the solarium are women who are pregnant or who are menstruating.

Dress Code for Tanning

There’s no dress code that all patrons of Planet Fitness tanning salons have to adhere to. To guarantee that your entire body gets a flawless tan, wear loose-fitting clothing, like a swimsuit or a T-shirt and shorts.

how to cancel planet fitness membership

5. Planet Fitness Black Card

What Benefits Does the Classic Membership at Planet Fitness Offer?

Unlimited use of your “home club,” which is the gym where you register.
The Planet Fitness smartphone application
Free personal training for fitness in the club

What are the Benefits of a Planet Fitness Black Card?

The three fundamental benefits listed above are included with a Planet Fitness Black Card Membership, in addition to:

  1. Online fitness instruction
  2. Invite a visitor at any time.
  3. usage of every Planet Fitness facility throughout the globe
  4. Using HydroMassage
  5. Utilizing massage chairs
  6. Using Enhancement Techniques for the Whole Body
  7. 50% off some drinks while using tanning

How Much Does Each Membership Option Cost Differently?

In addition to a $10 monthly membership charge and an extra $49 annual fee that is levied once a year, Planet Fitness members pay a $49 one-time enrollment fee for the basic membership.

Members of the Black Card are required to pay $25 monthly for membership fees, $49 annual fees, and a $10 one-time enrollment charge. When comparing annual membership fees, the classic membership is $218 whereas the Black Card members pay $359. (Note: Price changes are possible.)

What Comments Are Made by Members?

Redditors draw attention to the fact that the $49 annual cost is the same for all membership options. According to some Redditors, the black card is the best option if you enjoy the concept of taking a companion along, and it’s a need if you travel frequently and want to keep going to the gym while you’re away.

Is Having a Black Card a Good Idea?

In the end, the annual cost of the black card membership is approximately $150 higher than that of the classic membership; but, if you utilize the benefits, you will receive a good value for your money.

If you want to join Planet Fitness, you should stick with the standard membership if you always go to the same gym, you never bring a friend, and you don’t like massages or other advantages. If not, the HydroMassage alone makes the additional cost worthwhile. Believe us.

does planet fitness have a sauna

6. Planet Fitness Annual Fee

Planet Fitness charges an annual fee of $49. It’s not hidden, but it’s good to be aware of it before you sign up.

What does this fee cover? Well, it helps Planet Fitness keep their rates low throughout the year. Plus, it goes towards maintaining their clean facilities, providing friendly staff, and those awesome free bagels on Mondays!

Is it worth it? That depends! If you’re a consistent gym-goer and plan to stick with Planet Fitness long-term, the annual fee can save you money compared to paying monthly. But if you’re unsure about your gym commitment, a month-to-month plan might be better.

Here’s my expert tip: Do the math! Calculate how often you think you’ll use the gym and compare the annual fee to the monthly cost. That will help you decide which option makes the most financial sense.

7. Does Planet Fitness have a Sauna

The quick response is No, there aren’t usually saunas or steam rooms at Planet Fitness centers. This is primarily due to the high cost of installing and maintaining saunas, which would greatly increase membership dues. Their distinctively low-cost business strategy enables Planet exercise to maintain universal access to their exercise services while just offering the most basic gym equipment. They have been able to maintain a $10 Membership for more than 30 years thanks to this business model.

Not with standing the fact that most Planet Fitness gyms lack saunas, certain Planet Fitness locations might feature them if the franchise owner and local laws permit them. These are typically found near the locker rooms and are meant for use by both genders. Before committing, you might inquire about the availability of a sauna or steam room at your neighborhood Planet Fitness.

Exists a Steam Room at Planet Fitness?

No, a steam room is not usually available at Planet Fitness. For those seeking a more classic steam room experience, Planet Fitness might not be the best option for this reason.

Does the gym at Planet Fitness have a hot tub?

Unfortunately, a hot tub may not be available at your average Planet Fitness facility. Despite being well-known for its many amenities, Planet Fitness regrettably does not offer hot tubs.

Is a Jacuzzi available at Planet Fitness?

Regretfully, the response is still the same. There are no jacuzzis in the gyms at Planet Fitness. As you can see below, the Planet Fitness brand continues to have a distinct focus.

Why Is There No Sauna or Steam Room at Planet Fitness?

Examining Planet Fitness’ model and goals is crucial to comprehending why the gym does not provide a sauna or steam room.

  • Reasonably Low Membership Fees: One of the primary goals is to maintain reasonable membership costs. The main goal of Planet Fitness is to offer fitness at an affordable price. Costs might rise yearly with the construction and upkeep of saunas and steam rooms.

Staffing levels are lower since running steam rooms and saunas requires more cleaning and supervision, which calls for hiring more workers. Planet Fitness stays away from these additions in order to save expenditures.

  • Area Restrictions: Separate area is needed for saunas and steam rooms. Rather, Planet Fitness prioritizes the provision of large workout areas so that its members have lots of space to work out.
  • Minimize Liability Concerns: Slip hazards can occasionally occur in wet locations, such as steam rooms and saunas. In an effort to lower these hazards, Planet Fitness has chosen not to be in charge of any sauna or steam room facilities.

Note: A wide selection of upgraded gym amenities are available with Planet Fitness’ Black Card. Unfortunately, saunas and steam rooms are not included with this subscription.

8. How to cancel planet fitness membership

A visit to your neighborhood gym is one of the most laborious methods of terminating a Planet Fitness membership. Premium memberships are available to customers of the well-known fitness brand Planet Fitness. It’s understandable why so many individuals choose to join the gym with its extensive selection of tools and services.

It is possible that you will need to discontinue your membership at some point for a variety of reasons. Easily manage your Planet Fitness account and cancel your membership with the guidance of this tutorial, whether you’re moving out of the region, wanting to try a different gym, or just want to take a vacation from fitness.

The inability to cancel by phone or email is a frustrating feature that Planet Fitness has implemented for its subscribers. Do not worry! We demonstrate how to cancel using ScribeUp (the quick and simple option) or the laborious Planet Fitness cancellation process.

Every step of the Planet Fitness cancellation procedure

The Planet Fitness club makes it almost tough to terminate your membership, even though the monthly charge is quite inexpensive at $10. You can terminate your Planet Fitness membership in two ways: by submitting a cancellation letter to Planet Fitness headquarters or by completing a cancellation form available at the front desk. For at least half an hour, both selections must be completed. Brutal.

30-to 90-minute window to complete the cancellation form at the main desk

Proceed to your preferred club (confirm that it’s your preferred club and not a guest gym). If it’s not the gym you signed up for, we’ve been turned away.
To obtain the cancellation form, ask the front desk staff.
Complete it immediately by signing it.
fill up the cancelation form for planet fitness.
As long as the billing cycle is in place, you can still use the gym, but the cancellation will take effect right away.


In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about getting started at Planet Fitness including planet fitness total body enhancement, how to cancel planet fitness membership and other crucial topics. We’ve also discussed the planet fitness free summer, the equipment and classes available, Planer Fitness Tanning Beds, and tips for setting goals and tracking your progress.

If you’re a beginner, I encourage you to embrace Planet Fitness’ supportive and judgment-free environment. It’s a great place to start your fitness journey and get the support you need to be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement is a machine that uses red light therapy and vibration to potentially improve muscle recovery, circulation, and skin health.

Q2: What is Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness?

Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness is a popular amenity that offers a variety of benefits, including potential improvements in skin tone, muscle recovery, and overall well-being.

Q3: Does Planet Fitness have a sauna?

Yes, many Planet Fitness locations offer saunas as part of their amenities, providing members with a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Q4: Does Planet Fitness have childcare?

Yes, most Planet Fitness locations offer a Kids’ Club area where members can drop off their children while they work out, providing a convenient solution for parents.

Q5: Does Planet Fitness have a swimming pool?

No, swimming pools are not typically part of the amenities offered at Planet Fitness locations. However, they provide a wide range of other equipment and services to support members’ fitness goals.

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